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Video Presenters

Why use video presenters?

The use of video presenters in health and safety e-learning can enliven a subject which is often, let's face it. perceived as rather dull. Presenters also help illustrate concepts and keep the viewer attenuating on the learning material.

e-learning without video is an interactive health and safety PowerPoint slide presentation - e-learning with video is more like an interactive video documentary.

See the example below how the use of a video presenter can make something truly memorable.

e-Learning Safety embeds videoed presenters into its e-learning health and safety online courses

Chalk and talk on screen

The effectiveness of this methodology is hardly surprising as this is the way the traditional health and safety briefings have ran since man started demonstrating the correct way to hunt woolly mammoths by writing on cave walls. The advantage of e-learning however is that the process is consistent and can be run at a time and location that suits the learner.

Surely it's expensive..?

You would think so but the simple answer is "no". E-learning Safety has its own "green-screen" studio for recording e-learning sessions which means that courses can be set up and recorded rapidly to suit the client's time constraints. Furthermore the virtual interactive learning spaces which the presenters walk into are all pre-made using customised templates which again saves you time and money.

Want to see a course in action...?

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e-Learning Safety demo with video presenters