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Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment

From a Health and Safety perspective, it is very useful to have the option to add in risk assessment or auditing questions into any training package.

Some courses come automatically packaged with risk assessment questions like our ergonomics e-learning course: e-Office Safety (containing DSE Assessment questions such as “Do you need a new seat?”), whilst others can have questions added to the learning (good examples are “Fire Safety”, “Working at Heights”, “Lone Working” etc.)

When a user answers a question this may create a flag in the database which fires off a task that needs to be done. For instance in the case below the relevant manager gets alerted that the employee needs a new seat ...

The manager can then set to resolve the issue and records the necessary steps taken, else assign the task to someone else (FM, HR etc.) A complete audit trail of the process is recorded.

Reports can be used to assist with managing the process (a list of all “new chair” tasks in a given department can be used as a checklist for ordering equipment etc.) or can represent a summary of activity for management.

Risk Assessment

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