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Customisable e-Learning

Customisable e-Learning

No course will be rolled out as is presented on this site. The following changes can be made to any course at no additional cost:

Jackdaw Cloud


The log in page is changed to represent each client’s brand.

The course colour palette, menu and intro are all customised for each client. If the client has access to Jackdaw Cloud, then any new courses will also adopt this branding.



Any text can be edited by logging in as an administrator and typing directly into the appropriate textbox. Hyperlinks can be added to direct users to further reading.



Background images can be changed to base the training within your own company setting.



Video assets and the presenter can be changed with your own if you wish. The system can even record your webcam and insert videos directly into the training.



Again record media directly into the training using your computer’s mic.

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